BNI In The Community

A great way to raise awareness.

About 13 years ago we started a raffle to raise money for local charities. Well, that was the intention, but when the Tsunami happened in Thailand 26th December 2004, we donated £2000 within 48 hours. Apart from that we have regularly donated cash amounts, supported events and bought items needed by a whole host of different local charities. We are the sort of group that is always thinking of new ideas and slants on business; not all good we must add! Last year we came up with an idea that we thought would use the charity money more effectively; a way that the chapter members have more of a chance of building a real relationship with the charity and, hopefully, getting business from them. The idea was to sponsor a vehicle; a vehicle that could be Jack O’Newbury branded, that would be seen by the local community. A charity would get real benefit from this and BNI would be something more familiar in the community rather than the world’s best kept secret. It still amazes us how many long term business owners have never heard of it!!

BNI - Mencap Car sign written

As everywhere, there are hundreds of charities but the biggest in our area is West Berkshire Mencap; check them out at They do an absolutely phenomenal job supporting people with learning disabilities, and their families, from a baby all the way into adulthood.

We contacted WBM who Jack O’Newbury BNI had already helped in the past, and ran the idea by them. Apart from one vehicle, their fleet was leased but the one vehicle was ideal and they jumped at the opportunity. We had the vehicle sign written and now make a donation of £1000 per annum. This vehicle transports their clients to and from home to the various WBM clubs and events every day. It is a real win win situation and people often tell us they have seen it.

“BNI Jack O’ Newbury’s Kind Support of West Berkshire Mencap”

A few words of thanks from West Berkshire Mencap.

“West Berkshire Mencap provides high quality services for people with learning disabilities and their families and carers. We have been awarded the Queen’s Award for Voluntary Service for outstanding work in our local community. Services are extremely varied, cradle to grave and offered across West Berkshire, North Hampshire and surrounding areas. All our services are personalised to the people we support to enable them to have happy and fulfilling lives, where they can have choice and control. We are affiliated to Royal Mencap by name only, and have to raise all our own funds for our vital services.

BNI Jack O’ Newbury and the businesses related to this chapter have kindly supported us for a number of years. They have been incredibly generous with their help with areas such as providing presents for our Bubble Club’s Christmas Party which is for the children aged 0 – 5 years with a learning disability that we support, and their members taking part in fundraising endeavours or in our events in aid of us.

Last year, Alan May kindly contacted us to ask if they could support us with our transport. As a charity running a vehicle is a cost which is not only expensive, but also means we have to use funds that instead could be used on the people we support to have much needed equipment, or for activities that they would enjoy or to maintain and expand our much needed services in a time where funding is very hard to come by. Not only has their support of our vehicle allowed us to use these funds in the ways stated above, but also it has raised awareness of us and our work in our local community, enabling families to find out more about us and enquire about the services we provide as a charity.

We can’t express how grateful we are and how much we appreciate Jack O’ Newbury’s ongoing support and the continued difference it makes to us as a local charity. We would like to thank them for everything they do to support us.”

Other Causes…

We also supported a number of other causes in 2014. Here’s the £££s that we raised…

Hungerford Swifts Football Kit


West Berks Bubble Club

Community Christmas


MS Society

TOTAL raised in 2014