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Visiting a BNI meeting for the first time?

Well, follow these simple tips to make sure you make the most of attending the meeting. Make sure you bring lots of business cards – not just a handful!  BNI meetings can have up to 50 + people and they’ll all want your card! Once all of the members have given their 60 second presentations, you’ll get a chance to do one too on your own business. Think about including the following:

  • Your name & business name – sounds obvious, but not everyone remembers!
  • What you do: a great way to tell the chapter what you do is to tell a story about how you helped a client recently.  Research has shown this is far more engaging than simply listing all your products/services.
  • Who would be a good referral for you: who do you want to do more business with?  Who would help you move your business forward?  Name them – you never know someone in the chapter may just be able to help. Remember, the power of BNI isn’t in the people you’ll meet at the meeting, it’s who they KNOW.

Finally, if you feel nervous about giving a 60 seconds presentation, don’t worry – you’re not alone!  Everyone you’ll meet at the meeting was in your position once; and they were nervous too. Just give it go. If it doesn’t quite go to plan – no one else in the room will know what you were intending to say… Enjoy the meeting!

What are the benefits?

Membership benefits are too long to list but here are three of the biggest:

  • Professional Networking Training = More Business
  • Sharper Communication Skills = More Business
  • Proven Referral Marketing System = More Business

Clearly, there is only one way to find out why BNI Jack O’ Newbury works so well for so many different businesses and all the benefits which BNI membership has to offer. Visit a BNI meeting in Newbury this Friday morning and discover how it can work for you.

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BNI has changed the way I do business, I get a huge value of new business from contacts just a couple of steps out of the room (contacts I would never have made elsewhere) and I have also found it to be a reliable resource for quality contractors and other business services.

Roger Hick

RHD Office Ltd.

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